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Lennart Alexander Betzgen is a versatile actor, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. At the tender age of three, he made his first appearance in the children's series "Anja and Anton", marking the beginning of his journey in the entertainment industry. By the age of four, Lennart secured his first speaking role on German TV in "Für alle Fälle Stefanie", opening the doors to the world of film. Since then, he has impressively showcased his talent in numerous roles on television and in movies, demonstrating his fluency in German, English, and French.


Lennart made his debut in cinema with the historical film "Die Entdeckung der Currywurst", which was adapted from Uwe Timm's novel of the same name. Later, he took the opportunity to be part of the award-winning movie "Stronger than Blood," followed by his appearance in "Lessons of a Dream" alongside the acclaimed German actor, Daniel Brühl. His cinematic repertoire also includes notable works such as Philipp Kadelbach’s “So viel Zeit” and the comedy "Verrückt nach Fixi". In 2023, he took on a role in the French production "Les Prodigieuses", directed by Frédéric and Valentin Potier.


Having spent his Junior Year of High School in the United States, Lennart Betzgen has expanded his horizons and ventured into international projects in English. Noteworthy among them is his participation in the American film "Perfect Hideout," starring Billy Zane, and his involvement in the Australian-German TV series "In your Dreams 2".


From 2007 to the present time, Lennart Betzgen has been studying acting at the Theaterschule Berlin under the direction of Anette Schreiber. It is at the Theaterschule, he is mastering techniques of the acting craft, and continuingly feeding his passion for acting. He regularly performs plays, by William Shakespeare, Frank Wedekind, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and other playwrights in front of a live audience.  He continually enriches his education through acting coaching, dance and movement lessons taught by Daniela Jordan from Berlin University of the Arts, singing lessons and voice training with Ron Randolf, and piano lessons. Participating in acting workshops and seminars consistently broaden Lennart's artistic horizons.


After graduating from school with the German Abitur, Lennart pursued higher education at the university, obtaining a Master of Science degree. Despite his academic achievements, Lennart's unwavering focus remains on acting. Notably, he spent six months living in Belgium during his studies.


Not only in the world of cinema but also on television, Lennart has made a name for himself through numerous roles. Alongside various roles in German crime series such as "Der Alte" and "Der Kriminalist," Lennart has been in front of the camera for the renowned German prime-time series "Tierärztin Dr. Mertens" since 2014, spanning a total of 4 seasons. Lennart also gained recognition from a wide audience through his performances in the 90-minute special of "Der Bergdoktor" and the RTL comedy series "Der Lehrer". Lennart's debut episode in "Der Lehrer" holds the distinction of being the most successful episode in the series' history to date.


In 2020, Lennart garnered recognition for his leading roles in the 90-minute film "Katie Fforde - Emmas Geheimnis" and the series "Verbotene Liebe - Next Generation" (streaming on RTL+). In "Katie Fforde - Emmas Geheimnis" he skillfully plays a talented pianist, while his portrayal of Paul Verhoven in "Verbotene Liebe - Next Generation" depicts a character who embarks on a journey of self-discovery, fleeing into his own world of party and ecstasy.


In addition to his work in film and television, Lennart has also made notable contributions as a voice actor and a model. His distinctive voice has graced commercials for popular brands such as "Fanta" and "Coca Cola". Moreover, luxury retailer has repeatedly chosen him to showcase their collection, allowing him to model outfits from esteemed designers including labels like "Gucci", "DSQUARED2", and "Dolce & Gabbana".

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